Sights in Chania


The Chania prefecture is rich in interesting sights and therefore satisfies even the most demanding visitors. The Old Town in Chania is a big, enchanting sight itself, visited by thousands of people every year.

The city has a mixture of traces of different periods: the Venetian port, the city walls and numerous buildings of the Venetian period, the mosques, fountains, Turkish baths of the Turkish period and the beautiful city squares. Strolling in Chania, the visitors feel like traveling in time. Various architectural elements coexist in the beautiful buildings of Chania, which are lately repaired and preserved with the support of the Greek government.

If you choose Chania for your residence, there are many hotels and rooms to rent in a traditional style located in the Old Town of Chania. Interesting sights can also be found in the villages of the prefecture, which attract more and more visitors. All over the area of Chania, the Venetian, Turkish and traditional Cretan element is still present.

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