Map with Handakas hotel
Map with Handakas hotel in Crete

Map with Handakas hotel

orientation: Crete

Distances Distance from:

  • town of Chania: 110.00 km.
  • town of Rethymno: 70.00 km.
  • town of Heraklion: 7.00 km.
  • town of Agios Nikolaos: 70.00 km.
  • Chania airport: 110.00 km.
  • Heraklio airport: 10.00 km.
  • Chania port: 110.00 km.
  • Rethymno port: 70.00 km.
  • Heraklio port: 7.00 km.
  • Agios Nikolaos port: 70.00 km.
  • orientation: North Κρήτη.
  • beach: 0.10 km.
  • night life: 0.10 km.
  • public bus stop: 0.10 km.

in km.

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