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  • Telecommunication (0)
    (Mobile telephony, mobile telephony devices, office devices, maintenance PC peripherals, office equipment, mobile telephony equipment trading, communication services, κ.λ.π...)
  • Printed News (0)
    (Newpapers, magazines, greek printing press, newspaper agencies, bookshops, photocopies, books, brochures, printed material, wholesale & retail trading of tourist accessories, advertising services, general stores, haberdashery, κ.λ.π...)
  • Radio/TV - Digital News (0)
    (Radio stations, TV stations, advertisement design, rent sound facilities, party organization, event organization, κ.λ.π...)
  • Transport services (0)
    (Courier, post office, commodities documents and products trasnfers, express transit services, longshoring services, κ.λ.π...)
  • Advertising (0)
    (Advertisement office, advertising services, book release, brochure, advertisement brochures, epigraphs, computer trading, graphic artist, communication solutions, business promotions, κ.λ.π...)
  • Politics (0)
    (Politicians, parties, student parties, struggling parties, struggling movements, κ.λ.π...)

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