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  • Technicians - Contractors (0)
    (Repairs, home technical services, construction works, plumbing, heating, air-conditioning, workers, air-conditioning services, insulation materials, paintings, subcontractors of technical projects, contracting, building construction, sanitary ware, construction materials, brickwork, plastering, concrete bricks, concrete, construction & repair of pavements, excavation services, building demolition, installation tiles marbles, κεραμιδιών θυρών παράθυρων, ξυλουργικές εργασίες, εμπόριο ξύλου κάρβουνου, αλουμινοκατασκευές, τεχνικές εταιρείες, εκπόνηση στατικών μελετών, τοπογραφικά, αρχιτεκτονικά γραφεία, κ.λ.π...)
  • Materials - Tools - Machinery (0)
    (Paintings, iron, doors, windows, varnish, insulations, general purpose machines, wiring, electrical installations, cultivated land excavations, retail & wholesale trading of materilas, aggricultural machines, stockbreeding, wood coal trading, technical & construction works, excavation works, excavations, construction materials, calcifying, lubricants, gas station, accessories, κ.λ.π...)
  • Heating - freezing - Insulation (1)
    (Heat equipment, air-conditions, heaters, repair & maintenance of air-conditions, heating cooling ventilation installations, cooling devices, plumbing, sanitary ware, home insulation, mechanical equipment for heating, κ.λ.π...)
  • Construction Desings - Construction (0)
    (construction companies, technical studies, mechanical installations, design of electrical mechanical installations, design constrction supervision of properties, property sales, building extensions, conversions, refurbishment, construction works, roadworks, roofs, ceilings, technical consultants activities, architectural offices, permits to build, surveying, hydraulics studies, statics, cadastral services, κ.λ.π...)
  • Security systems - Automation (0)
    (Fire extinguisher, electrical equipment, alarm systems, lockers, monitoring systems, controlled parking system, κ.λ.π...)
  • Sanitary ware - Floors (0)
    (Ceramic tiles, sanitary ware, bathroom equipment, plumbing, insulation materials, glass trading, marble floors, mosaic, onyx, floor repair & maintenance, tiling, floor tiling, κ.λ.π...)
  • Exterior Design (0)
    (Construction & maintenance of fountains, swimming pools, fencing & irrigation products, garden landscaping, landscape design, greenery works, aggricultural tools, steel construction, shelters, design and installation of decorative shelters, atriums, panels, κ.λ.π...)
  • Real estate (1)
    (Engineering office, real estate office, investment consultants, property managers, rent rooms rental services, design, construction, surveying, permits to build, life insurances, accountanting & tax & real estate services, consulting services, κ.λ.π...)
  • Agriculture Equipment (0)
    (Tools, machinery, components, agricultural machinery, tractor, service, spare parts, forage, fertilizer, agricultural medicine, irrigation, agricultural studies, seeds, seed trading, trees, plants, cutting machines, agricultural machinery trading, agricultural supplies, coal, firewood, construction materials, liquid gas, κ.λ.π...)

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