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  • Foreing Language Schools (0)
    (English lessons, German lessons, Italian lessons, French lessons, Spanish lessons, Schools for liberal studies, Private lessons, Language schools, Adult training , κ.λ.π...)
  • Greek Language Schools (0)
    (Private tutors schools for theoretic, scientific and technological stream, Secondary education private tutors schools, Adult training centers, κ.λ.π...)
  • Music - Dance (0)
    (Music schools, Dance and music lessons, Dance teachers, Music teachers, Cretan and other traditional dances, Private lessons, Piano lessons, Guitar lessons, Sound recording services, Radio advertising, Show services, Stage scenery, Lighting services, Cassettes - records – cd – movies shops, Photographing, κ.λ.π...)
  • Computer Education (0)
    (Tutorial centers, PC trading, PC education & certificate, office devices, software, technical support, PC education, software trading, PC peripherals, PC repairs, PC systems development, κ.λ.π...)
  • Office accoutrements (0)
    (Bookshop, books, games, school accessories, stationary, presents, photocopies, tourist accessories, office accessories, office devices, ecclesiastical products, PC peripherals, data processing, folders, kid's books, magazines, newspapers, κ.λ.π...)
  • Handicraft (0)
    (Art trading, weaving, soft goods, souvenir, handmade construction, ceramics, pottery, presents, traditional wear, decoration accessories, wedding sugared almonds, tourism accessories, pop art, gold & silver products, κ.λ.π...)
  • Creative activities (0)
    (Creative activities center, activities for children, free time, nursery, baby farm, pre-school education services, recreation park, κ.λ.π...)

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