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  • Stockbreeding Products (0)
    (Butcher's shops, fresh frozen meat, fish, vegetables, cheese-dairy, cheese production, delicatessens, poultry, dairy products, olive oil trading, olive oil, swine breeding , animal breeding, production conservation of meat, avicultural products, eggs, cheese, milk, yoghurt, forages, super market, mini market, κ.λ.π...)
  • Agriculture Products (0)
    (fruits, vegetables, greens, herbs, vegetables, chese-dairy, coffee trading, tea, dry nuts, fruits trading, vegetables trading, olive-crop elision services, seeds, fertilizers, forage trading, wine trading, cretan trading, super market, mini market, κ.λ.π...)
  • Dairy Products (0)
    (milk, cheese, yoghurt, ice cream, ice cream production, milk subproducts, creams, food trading, super market, mini market, κ.λ.π...)
  • Supermarkets (0)
    (Super market, mini market, general stores, food trading, meat trading, cheese-making products, refreshers, butteries, cretan products, tobacco products, newspapers, printed news, magazines, fruits, vegetables, standard sweet products, κ.λ.π...)
  • Fish - Seafood (0)
    (fish shops, fish traders, fresh frozen products, ostraceam, dairy products, delicatessen, cretan products, κ.λ.π...)
  • Drinks - Tobacco (0)
    (Butteries, wine traders, food and spirit traders, refreshers, juices, beers, fizzy drinks, bottled drinks, greengrocer's shops, mini markets, spirits trading, , cigarettes, haberdashery packed sweet products, cretan products, imports and exports of drinks, bars supply, κ.λ.π...)
  • Other Food (0)
    (Confectionary, confectionary products, butteries, drinks, dry nuts, bakery, super market, mini market, spirits trading, bread production, sweet products, sweets, cakes, sweets production, haberdashery , κ.λ.π...)
  • Business Catering (0)
    (Catering, food, drink and sweets trading, meals supply, frozen food trading, tobacco trading, retail products trading, catering of events, event organizing, κ.λ.π...)
  • Biological - Ecologically Products (0)
    (Healthy diet, biological products shop, herbs, fruits, vegetables, nuts, dough products, healthy diet books, κ.λ.π...)

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