War Museum of Chania

War Museum of Chania
War Museum of Chania

The War Museum of Chania is located on the corner of I. Sfakianaki and Tzanakaki streets near the Municipal gardens. It is housed in a building, built in 1870 and designed by the Italian architect Makouzo, which in the past has been used as barracks by the Italian Army during World War II.

The museum exhibits rare photographs and historic artifacts connected with the Cretans who fought in the Macedonian struggle (1903 - 1922), in the Balkan Wars (1912 - 1913), the Asia Minor expedition (1919 - 1922), the World War I and II and during the German occupation of Greece (1941 - 1945). The museum is open daily with free entrance. Tel. 2821-0- 44156.

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