Platia 1821– Splanzia

The historical Platia 1821
The historical Platia 1821

Platia 1821 (1821 Square) in Chania used to be a meeting point for the Ottomans. The Christians used to meet in Sintrivani (Fountain Square). Excavations in the area of Platia 1821 have uncovered a Turkish bath and a Venetian cistern of such a capacity that could hold water supplies for the city of Chania for six months. The cistern was destroyed by earthquakes in 1595 and the river that supplied it was diverted.

San Rocco’s church is believed to have stood in the area of Platia 1821. A commemorative plaque dedicated to bishop Melhisedek is placed on the square. The bishop was hanged on a plane by the Ottomans in 1821 to discourage the Cretan rebels.

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