Preveli monastery

The Preveli monastery is beautiful monastery located in the Agiou Vasiliou province, 37km south from Rethymno city. It comprises of two complexes: Kato Monastiri and Piso Monastiri. The surrounding area is breathtaking: Kourtaliotis river - or Megalos Potamos as it is else called - flows west from he monastery and the view to the Libyan sea is magnificent.

It is believed that the Preveli monastery was founded in the late 10th - early 11th century. First written sources mentioning the monastery date from 1577. Today, only Piso Monastery is in operation. Old icons of fine art are kept in its church of Agios Ioannis Theologos (Saint John the Evangelist). Apart from the church, the central court of Piso Monastiri also leads to the abbey and the cells.

Inside the monastery you can visit a museum with rare church exhibits. Your visit to the monastery can be combined with swimming in the amazing Preveli beach which is situated in the nearby area. If you choose this enchanting scenery for your accommodation, you will find plenty hotels, room for rent and villas in the area.

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