Fragkokastelo is situated in Sfakia area, in Crete, at a distance of 13km east from Hora Sfakion. It is one of the many interesting places worth to visit in Crete.

Fragkokastelo is a small settlement with few inhabitants. Visitors can find rooms to rent built on the shore. Fragkokastelo is popular for its well-presreved Venetian fortress, for its beautiful beaches and the famous Drosoulites, ghosts that are said to appear on the fortress walls in May at dawn. The area was rich in ancient monuments. However, most of them were destroyed by battles and revolts. Ancient building material has been used in the construction of the fortress.

Right in front of the fortress, there is a beautiful sandy beach with shallow water. On the west, there is another beach covered with pebbles and suitable for the ones who love to explore rocky sea bed. If you choose Fragkokastelo for your vacations, there are plenty of accommodation facilities. What is more, the taverns in the area serve delicious food and fresh fish. Traditional dishes worth to taste are: tsigariasto, boureki and Sfakianes pites or Sfakianopites.

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