Axos is a village located in the area of Kato Milopotamos, Rethymno. Axos used to be an important ancient city with the same name. Today, Axos village is located on the north side of Psiloritis, 46km from Rethymno city. The ancient city was naturally fortified, built on terraces 600m above the sea level. Remains of the acropolis walls can still be seen today.

It is estimated that the city was continuously inhabited from the Geometric until the Byzantine period. In the 6th century, an Episcopal see used to be in Axos and the churches of the city had reached up to 46. Some of them still stand today. Stavromenos church is one of the most interesting examples. A water source in the village center used to be famous because of a legend, according to which king Etearchus used to drink its water as a digestive in the 7th century BC.

The beautiful landscape of the area served the development of agritourism in Axos. Especially during the wintertime, Axos is becoming an interesting tourism destination. Accommodation facilities include hotels, rooms for rent and villas.

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