Archaeological sites in Chania

Chania fortress
Chania fortress

The prefecture of Chania is one of the most developed areas in the tourism sector in Crete. Its rich tradition, significant archaeological sites and monuments make this area a top tourism destination. The archaeological sites of the area are located less than one hour drive from Chania city, the capital of the prefecture. The monuments of historical interest are dated back to the 11th century BC and reach until the times of the Turkish occupation. These monuments are well-preserved and are visited by thousands of people every year, giving them the opportunity to follow the long journey of Crete in history. The most important archaeological sites are the Kasteli archaeological site, ancient Aptera, which is dated back to the 8th century BC, Palekastro and Izzeddin fortress, built during the Turkish occupation, ancient Kydonia, an important port of the 4th century BC and Polyrrhenia, dated back to the 8th century BC.

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